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    Default Re: Best free anti-virus

    Bitdefender Free
    Sophos Free

    Both quite good. Ive run both on my work PC.
    The dont try & con you into buying crap addons like some other freebies , big issue with popular freebies: endless popups and a bloated product

    pay AV can fail to detect just as badly as many freebies, sometimes Pay AV is worse than freebies for detection and REMOVAL. .from experience
    Ive seen malware get past every major AV product over the years .

    MS have a very poor history with their (home) AV products, very poor over the past 10+ years . It may be Ok this month, but it 2 months time ?????

    Saying that, common sense and being carefull is the best defense, kids arnt known for that

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    Default Re: Best free anti-virus

    Quote Originally Posted by piroska View Post
    Terrible idea. The child has less common sense and therefore is more likely to get malware.
    Free - meh. Do it properly, especially being a child.

    Whilst I understand that free is always a good option and Defender isn't bad though not the best option... you can't beat a good paid for solution.

    Having gone through a host of free AV/Internet Security solutions over the years myself I can honestly say that since moving to a paid product (ESET) I have never looked back.

    I also agree with the comment about kids having less common "Web" sense so more likely they will click on something they shouldn't.

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    Default Re: Best free anti-virus

    Here's an example of free being no good sometimes.

    Just took back today a work PC, they had AVG Free on it, when it scanned it said it was clean. Removed it as it was obvious by some of the installed programs it had various infections, ran the inbuilt Defender (W10) that picked up a few minor infections, since it was rather slow with various problems and long time takes to do, that's why it ended back at my workshop. Ran several antimalware programs, removing more problem programs, Finally after installing Nod32, it found a further 4 that all the others had missed.

    NOW while NO AV, doesn't matter whose it is will work 100% of the time, the free ones really don't cut it. If you have a Nod32 already a additional licence to the original is always cheaper. The one I did above, cost an extra $47 ( and a few cents) for a whole year, 2nd licence.
    Update / Upgrades = Replace old bugs with new ones.

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    Default Re: Best free anti-virus

    Quote Originally Posted by DeSade View Post
    I have decided not to spend the cash on a NOD32 licence for the childs laptop
    Its not worth it, just wipe and reimage if necessary.

    What is the best of the free ones these days please?
    Hi. I wouldn't be so bold as to say Comodo is the Best AV but I have been using Comodo AV for about 8 years and presently I have been using Comodo Internet Security Premium version for the past 2 years which is free. Well I downloaded and installed it and have not been asked to pay for it, and it is not 'Pirated' software.
    However, if you just want an AV and plan to use Windows Firewall then you could consider the free AV from Comodo. Here is a link to download the software.

    Good luck with whatever AV you decide to use.


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