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    Default Re: WD Elements external HDD

    Quote Originally Posted by Brucem View Post
    Once again, this drive does not show in File explorer. In Partition master this disk (Disk 3) shows as being named "Backup two", but with no drive letter. In Partition master, change drive letter to "W", and File explorer finds it OK. I allowed it to do the scheduled backup last night, which was successful. and "W" was there with the backup ok. Restarting the computer returned me to not having Drive "W". It is not there under any other letter.
    It could be the backup ~hiding~ the partition from Windows , so that the backup cant be accidentally deleted . Win Server backup does that
    Do another backup tonight , then try & do a test restore . Restore a single doc (perhaps make a test doc for this )

    Otherwise, use diskpart & completely wipe the whole HD ( 'clean' ) and see if it stays accessable (but disable backups for now)

    Either way, if you arnt confident in the backup/drive, then its no good to you & you need something else .
    The Backup (image backup) in Win7,10 is actually quite good. Try that instead of Acronos & see how that goes over a few days . It may be Acronos causing the drive access issues .

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    Default Re: WD Elements external HDD

    R click into MY Computer. Select Disk Management. Does your HDD show? If so R click it and from the popup menu you should be able to change the drive letter. If the drive doesn't show, you have another problem to sort.

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    Default Re: WD Elements external HDD

    Try the first answer HERE
    Update / Upgrades = Replace old bugs with new ones.

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