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    Quote Originally Posted by wainuitech View Post
    If you use the same version as the backup then yes.

    Personally I don't bother with Differential backs, its just as easy to manually run a FULL backup, keep both on your storages, then delete the oldest one every couple of months as its replaced.

    When you download the trial with the disk creator it creates a so called 21 day trial, BUT it still works for months(years) afterwards. If you buy it then there's no prompt for trial usage.

    Pays to use the same versions, meaning if you have version 9 of the Free, then use version 9 boot CD.

    What you can do is download and install the free version ( doesn't expire) for doing backups etc, then download the trial Boot CD installer option at the same time, either create the CD, that way its the same version. There has been sometimes I got the CD's mixed up, and an image made with ( lets say V7) the V8 CD wont work with it.

    Pays to try them out every so often after creating, all I do is throw in a spare HDD, ( after disconnecting the original) and drop the image back as long as it boots into the OS, data there = all good, then change the drives back.
    I have the Standard v7.0.4 and notice that the latest update is V9. Are there any advantages updating.? I think v9 may have Scheduling for backups. Won't bother with Differential backups as you suggest.

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    I find 9 to be quicker than previous versions.

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