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    The capacity of my laptop's harddrive almost full and I would like to delete some files.

    What is the best practices to clean harddrive?


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    Use disk cleanup and ccleaner. And if you dont use whatever program, uninstall it. Dont delete files, unless you know what they're for

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    If you have heaps of Movies/MP3's/Pic'c you can move these to another Drive

    Any clean up will probably get rid of around 3 Gig's,make sure Windows upgrade is ticked in Disk Cleanup as there could be 2/3 Gig's here

    Time for a bigger Drive

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    Quote Originally Posted by rimutaka View Post
    What is the best practices to clean harddrive?
    "Best Practise" is not to clutch at straws & get a bigger HD, or remove all the photos, games, movies & music
    Its a sign you HD is too small, trying to free up some space by removing tmp files etc is often not a long term solution .
    Some early SSD's were simply far too small for real world use as a single drive .

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    What Type & size is your Hard drive. PJ
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