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    Red face Hi Tech - Doh

    I recently saw an advertisement but am unable to recall in which publication.
    It was for a GOPro or similar for mounting in a car as a Dash Cam.
    The bit which attracted my weird attention was the blurb which stated that "In the event of a crash, the camera will automatically commence filming."
    Fascinating! What will it film? The resulting carnage from the accident?
    I think it may have been rather more use if it were running prior-to and during the crash event.
    Maybe I missed something somewhere.
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    Man talk about closing the stable door after the horse has bolted
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    My dashcam saves ~30 seconds or so of footage *before* an accident as well, which would work fine
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    Powered by flux capacitors, they're capable of being accidentally timely. Much better than that dodgy battery farmed power, and thunderstorms are notoriously unreliable.
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