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    Default how to download music and copy to cd

    hello all, Could someone please guide me on how to download music and copy it to a CD. My PC is new, has a CD writer and running on WinxP, home edition. I am still trying to find my way around it. Thanks heaps.

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    Default Re: how to download music and copy to cd

    Hello olento,
    Firstly to download music mp3's from the net you can use a file sharing program, or you can download them from web sites. in most cases file sharing programs, allow you to download a copy of a song for free off someone elses computer, or from music websites some are free, others you need to pay for.have a look at there are a lot of programs you can use, for file sharing. For instance I use winmix. for web sites if you search for mp3 I'm sure will find a huge array of web sites to choose from.
    the software that shipped with your cdwriter will probabaly allow writing of cds, check the help system to see how it works.other programs that can be used to burn cds, and downloaded from the net is musicmatch, nero, or media jukebox.there are step by step instructions attached to these programs also. Finally sometimes it can take a bit of of expereince to produce a cd that is at the quality that you want so dont be put off if your first attempts seem a little out.
    good luck,

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    Default Re: how to download music and copy to cd

    For downloading songs I use a program called Morpheus, which can be downloaded from Depending on your internet connection most songs on a 56k connection will take about 15-20 mins to download. Thats why I love broadband 5-6 mins tops for downloads.

    As mention above a program called Nero is really good for burning MP3 files.

    Have fun

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    i use winmx for file sharing .When downloading mp3 i usually dont download anything less than 160 kbps for decent quality.what software does your cd-r use.I have easy cd creator and under that it has, make audio cd option.then its just choose your songs and press go.
    anything else just get back to us

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    Basically I use to download my MP3z. Then I use Nero to burn them onto disk. Also another thing to watch is to ensure you try and download the same bitrate ie 128, 160 or 192 kbps. But the higher the rate the bigger the MP3. Also check your songs before burning them just in case you only got 3/4 of a song !!

    Good Luck

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