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    Default Google calander & Outlook

    Im trying to find a easy way to use google calendar in Outlook. And to sync google cal across multiple devices
    Iphones & Androids I can just use the official app, not sure how well that integrates into iphones though, can googles cal app be made the default cal on iphones ?

    Is this just asking for pain & disappointment ?
    Obviously the best way would be to use Office365's email & cal via exchange online, but thats not an easy option at the moment

    I managed to add google cal into outlook as a separate cal, not the best option & is only read only (so far)
    Any ideas from those who use google cal, or should I just say if you want to use Outlooks cal , dont use google cal ?
    Making it harder is the person only has pop3/imap email a/c's, so outlook cant sync (only download)

    Some of the suggestions Ive found online are out of date & may no apply

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    Default Re: Google calander & Outlook

    Went through this process last year with a business I take care of, it was a PITA !!!

    Google calendars would sometimes work, other times it wouldn't, the calendars were spread over approx. 15 different people, with varying devices from laptops, Iphones and Android phones, what a mess, often appointments wouldn't sync, or outlook and Google wouldn't talk to one another, when trying to sort it out, it was always the other programs fault.
    One in particular was the iPhone connect, In the end we changed everything over to Outlook / Office 365 calendars and they all work fine now (well 99% of the time)

    If they used the google calendars separately (not via Outlook) then it worked as it should.
    Update / Upgrades = Replace old bugs with new ones.

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