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    Thanks to those who replied to my problem. I realize that I did not explain it as well as I should. The program I use was written in Turbobasic and compiled to an .exe file which ran under Dos 6.1 on an old 486 and input data from an A/D converter. When an earthquake is verified, calculations as to distance etc. are made and the text results printed on the screen plus a plotted waveform of the event. The screen is printed using Interrupt 05H but requires the Dos utility program GRAPHICS to have been loaded as a TSR by Autoexec.bat to print the plotted waveform.
    GRAPHICS is available in DOS Command.Com but doesn't appear to be available in MsDos. Since the 486 went US I have been using another machine with Windows 95 installed but of course cannot print the graphics screen automatically - the program is running 24hrs a day.

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    If that is the case, it would seem you have three options:

    1)Boot to W95 Command prompt (DOS) and run from there.

    2) Try running your program in a DOS prompt window. I use this method for a number of DOS instrument programs and they run and print fine.

    3) Set up a dual boot system and install DOS 6.1 (or preferably DOS 6.22) as your alternative operating system.

    Your printer will probably need to have DOS drivers for Command prompt or Dual Boot systems but I find that my Windows drivers work for me when using a DOS Window.

    You can also set up an Icon on screen to access a batch file to do all the usual things you needed to do to set your system up on the 486.


    Billy 8-{)

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    Why not boot the computer with DOS 6.1? Even if you boot that from a floppy.

    If you're running it 24 hrs a day, it's a dedicated sytsem, and it need a programme loader, not an operating system. Least of all Windows, which stops you using working software.

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    Thanks to Billy T & Graham Lees. You have confirmed what I had decided was probably the only solution - your comments have been most useful.

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