I would like to advise a problem I am having in Sidekick 97 for Windows 95& NT

It is in the copying and pasting of daily entries in the Daily Appointments area of the Calendar.

The copy/paste action is only working correctly when I do entries within the current calendar month and up to 14/15 days in advance. If I try to paste into an appointment area beyond 15/15 days, nothing happens on the date/time I am trying to paste to. The entry for some unknown reason appears on the day previous.

I use the appointment calendar to enter my work shifts. i.e. early, late,night shifts. It is easy usually to copy the appropriate shift and then paste it onto the corresponding days. Most of the time I enter my shifts up to 3-4 months in advance. (At present all goes well for about the first 2 weeks then the pasting problem starts).

Both the Sidekick program's clock and my computer Clock correspond to each other. I use the 24hr clock mode.

I have spoken to the New Zealand Distributor of this program, Computer Systems Technology in TAURANGA, however they have been unable to come up with a fix.

I am wondering if any other users of Sidekick 97 have met with the same problem or can anyone suggest a solution.

Any HELP would be appreciated.

Evan D