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    Default email attachments in outlook, outlook express and netscape

    My default email program is Outlook 2000. Messages are sent via it in rich text format. If I add a file attachment (such as a Word file)to an Outlook email message (where the file icon resides in the same window as the email message)it cannot be opened by the recipient if they have an email programme other than Outlook. The attachment appears on their programme as a winmail.dat file. In two instances their programs were Outlook Express and Lotus Notes.

    I resent the same Word file attachment to them via Outlook Express and Netscape Mail v6.2.1. In both instances the Word file was able to be opened by the recipients.

    Is there some setting I should be changing in Outlook so that recipients can open and run file attachmnets successfuly?

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    Default Re: email attachments in outlook, outlook express and netscape

    Hi Rolly

    I think your problem is the 'Rich text', which is really 'Outlook rich text'.

    If you change your settings to plain text, any attachments will appear in a separate pane at the bottom rather than being embedded in the text.

    I always use plain text mode to ensure compatibility with the recipient. It's a pain to lose the ability to format though.

    Anyway, give it a test and let us know how it works out.



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    Default Re: email attachments in outlook, outlook express and netscape

    Thanks John, your suggestions worked once I changed to plain text for the outlook message and then sent of a couple of test messages with word attachments.


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