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    I have 2 HP webcams which are 7 years old. They cost about $100 but they are old. The white balance isn't that good and the resolution isn't that good but on Skype it's perfect but anyway I want to buy a good webcam for my main computer but I really don't want to spend over $100 so does anyone have any suggestions because I don't know anything about webcams. I have an i5 4690 computer if that would make any difference?

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    Quote Originally Posted by lostsoul62 View Post
    I want to buy a good webcam
    define 'good' .
    Most people arnt fussy with webcams , so dont expect excellence on budget cams :-)

    logitech, Microsoft. Just buy the highest spec at the most you want to pay
    Logitech have in the past bloated the install software with un-needed rubbish

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    Either Microsoft or Logitech. Microsoft under $100 - You will be limited to 2 basically & Logitech 4, everything else is Over $100.

    These prices from PBTech are so-so, but gives yo an idea
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    Logitech but the low end ones have plastic lenses
    in this order these are decent ones. From low to high end the c170-C525 are low end.

    C615 C920 (these are old models) C922 (replacement of the C920) best are the C925E and C930E
    some info here

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