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    Default Desktop Image of Current PC on a server?

    Hi Guys

    I'm thinking of making a desktop image of my current machine and put it onto a virtual machine.
    If i want to format my PC i can networkboot from bios and lookup the virtual machine the current image of my current desktop

    Would this work?
    I've been reading a few articles online but really need some help on where to start?

    I'm new to all of this as I cant seem to find a job without having server experience so thought of playing around with a server software to get a basic understanding.

    I'm on a servicedesk/desktop support role at the moment.

    Any ideas?

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    Default Re: Desktop Image of Current PC on a server?

    Are we talking about this PC being turned into the server and it will host the virtual machines or is there other hardware involved?

    Virtual machine would require virtual drivers which your image would not be setup correctly for it. It maybe possible but you probably be better imaging it, creating a new virtual machine of your OS and just copying what you need from the image over.

    What server do you need experience on?

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    Default Re: Desktop Image of Current PC on a server?

    You can create an image of your current machine, and use Virtualbox to boot it up as a virtual machine. There are a few image creating software out there, ShadowProtect is one of them but its not free. But you can use it for 30 days as a trial.

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    Default Re: Desktop Image of Current PC on a server?

    There's quite a bit more to what you are asking. Kame asked one but there are other questions.

    1. Are you going to use actual Server software and what version ( server 2012R2, Server, 2016, or some sort of Linux Server).
    2. Will The Virtual machine be run from a LAN source ? Different to running on a separate drive in the same PC.
    3. Decide what type of Virtual Program you are going to use Eg: Hyper-V (inbuilt in Windows 10 Pro and above, server OS's) OR virtual box, VM Ware ?
    4. Use dedicated software to create a VM of your current OS or install from fresh ( "sometimes" best option as creating VM from existing, long term used OS can cause all sorts of funny problems)

    Have a read of the following site tells you some basic's along with a free Program to create a VM.

    As an example of using Hyper-V here's one of mine, The host OS is Server 2012 R2 (serverf - which is being access for the pictures below Via remote desktop), has both Server 2008 & server 2016 running in Hyper-V at the same time.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	HyperV.png 
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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Hyperv1.jpg 
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    At the moment they are only running as servers, not as actual Desktops, if I want to access them as desktops I currently use RDP to connect to any of them.

    This article may be of some help add-a-virtual-hard-disk-to-the-boot-menu
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    Default Re: Desktop Image of Current PC on a server?

    One other problem you will have if you make a VM of your current OS, once it goes to another Computer /Server - the original OS will deactivate if you are using a std license.

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