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    Default Is Recuva still alive?

    I have been trying to download the free or Pro version for some time without success. Does it still exist? The only download I have been able to get is rcsetup153.exe, the name of which looks suspicious so I have not tried it. I have been redirected to Filehippo, and of course, none of which has a download that works. If recuva is dead is what is now recommended?


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    Default Re: Is Recuva still alive?

    Recuva is made by the same place that makes Ccleaner ( who by the way have been brought out by Avast a while back) if you click on the Ccleaner link it will download the correct one, yes it is rcsetup153.exe

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    Default Re: Is Recuva still alive?

    Many thanks piroska and Wainui. I had gathered that Recuva was linked to Ccleaner but so many funny things seemed to be happening that I was suspicious of the odd filename.

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