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    Default Dell's lack of support

    My Dell Inspiron 8000 would not boot up. I suspect it's the motherboard. I rang Dell in Australia numerous times over the last 2 months and faxed whatever they requested. They have not even responded to tell me whether they would fix it or not. More phone calls would not help because after a long wait you will likely get some other technicians and start the whole process again. It just does not square up with their reputation. I'm about to return to NZ. Please advise me on what to do next. I understand parts such as motherboard is not available outside Dell. If they won't fix my notebook and won't sell me the parts, I end up having an expensive junk. If this is the case, my next notebook would definitely be something other than DELL.

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    Give me some specifics here.

    Is it in warranty still or out?

    If out, have you tried to buy the part off them?

    If yes, have they refused to sell it to you?


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    Thank you for your response. Dell has restored my trust by fixing my notebook promptly. the long delay could be due to the long holidays.
    It is still under warranty. I did not ask to buy the parts off them. I rang thrid party technician but was told Dell would not sell parts to them. I suppose if need be I could buy it off Dell.

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