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    Default Dual Monitor issue... Computer monitor secondary to HDMI connected TV

    Ok I have a issue that is annoying the proverbial out of me. I have my computer set in Display to run two monitors, in Duplicate mode. I am using my EVGA NVIDEA GeForce GT 710 graphics card to drive my HP v216 Monitor from the VGA output and use HDMI output to feed my 48inch Samsung Plasma TV.

    In Control panel/Display When I have it running without the HDMI connected it Detects/Identifies only the HP V216 monitor as being 1....... when I connect the HDMI Display and have the 'Multiple Displays' set to 'Show desktop only on 2'..... it has made my Main monitor the Samsung PDP Monitor and my HP v216 the secondary monitor.
    If I have Multiple Displays set to 'Duplicate these displays' its all good (but still shows my Computer HP v216 monitor as being monitor number 2) but whenever I reboot the computer I am sitting there looking at a black HP v216 monitor because it wil not come to life until the Samsung PDP has run through POST etc and gotten to the Starting Windows screen. If The tele is turned off I see nothing on the HPv216for about 2-3 minutes and it starts the Windows opening image.
    Is this 'Normal' behaviour when Dual Monitors are used?
    Usually I now set the Display in Control Panel to 'Show desktop only on 2' or unplug the HDMI cable and connect it when I want to watch something on the 48 inch Samsung.
    Why is my HP v 216 being made 'Secondary' monitor? Or as I asked, 'is that normal behavior' when a dual monitor setup is used?
    Does HDMI have precedence over VGA?

    Thanks in advance.

    edit. .I am running W7x64 Pro
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