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    Question Interesting Linux Idea......

    IIRC, youse guys don't get to use Pandora. Right?

    Then if you run Linux-anything, can you use Pithos?

    Warum werden wir so früh alt und klug so spät?

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    Default Re: Interesting Linux Idea......

    For music streaming radio stations, I wrote a script to collect all the streaming sites from and load them into rhythmbox but I rarely listen to the radio.

    I guess I could modify my script to grab all the stations from every country listed and build up a larger collection.

    Guess the difference is that you have no control over what is being played, since I assume Pandora is like Spotify, IHeartRadio, etc where you can listen to songs, albums, artists on demand.

    To circumvent Pandora, you'd have to appear as if you're located in the states. Many can achieve this but I think they prefer video services rather than music, which seems easier to get without all the trouble.

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    Default Re: Interesting Linux Idea......

    Ever since I found out some adblockers block youtube ads, I've been using that.

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