I try to do some stuff myself to save some money but there is always that voice that says but is it really essential.

Before I got involved with this we always just rely on a mechanic for everything. OK. We don't specifically ask for a service, but we take it there for the WOF and any issues that come up, we have used various mechanics for a no. of years. They might had moved, retired, etc.

Things I have noticed:
1. reusing oil filters.
2. using 20w40 oil on any cars. we asked them what they used and that was what they wrote down for us.
3. not advising customer to change the air filter or fuel filter or anything like that.
4. not advising fluid flushes ever.
5. not advising belt changes until the drive belt squeaks or the refuses to start up.

Is this what happens if one talk about price they tend to do it cheaper? Is it much harm at all using sort of OK stuff but things that is not to spec? Your average motorist buys a cheap 8-10yr old car and uses it for 10yr right then it's literally worth nothing. It's not a Jaguar or some collectible. That said, I know people who bought a used car, used it for another 10yrs and the brakes and trans were never flushed and it worked for that time.

Your views?