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    Default Can't rename or more a file

    I scanned some papers in my computer which is a PDF file and now I can't rename or move it. I scanned the hard drive for viruses and bad sectors which gave me a 1024 error message and then I did a check disk /r and it said everything was OK. So I did manage to copy it to another drive and it's ok. I can do whatever I want to the file. On the other hard drive where I scanned the file to I can copy it but nothing else. I also scanned other papers and they were OK. The problem file is large with 70 papers but I scanned other small file just the same way. Anyone have any idea. I was going to throw the hard drive away but it's OK I guess.

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    Default Re: Can't rename or more a file

    Dont assume.
    A scandisk pass means nothing , it only means it passed that single test.

    errors messages do not mean everything is OK .

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    Default Re: Can't rename or more a file

    "...anyone who expects a source of power from the transformation
    of these atoms is talking moonshine..."
    - Ernest Rutherford (1871-1937)

    "After your hands become coated with grease, your nose will begin to itch."

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    Default Re: Can't rename or more a file

    Do you still have the file open with your PDF viewer? If so, the file is still locked. Ir can be read or copied, but it can't be moved or deleted.

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