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    Default Windows Update Working at last

    I can't think of anything more frustrating than a weekend of being unable to update a clean install of Windows via the Windows Update.

    In the end I managed to download the patches manually.

    It highlights two points for me:
    1. It is damn annoying that there is no email address to flame Microsoft,
    2. I'd hate to have the same thing happen on a m$ product that required Product Activation after its 50 uses only to find it not working.

    Better get in while it works if you haven't!

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    Default Re: Windows Update Working at last


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    Default Re: Windows Update Working at last

    yep, I've been waiting since friday to patch my clean install of 98se.

    I would hate to see the mess IE would have been in if I had actually used it while it was unpatched.

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    Default Re: Windows Update Working at last

    'Apparently' the problem was that Microsoft has been reconfiguring its servers, and most of them now have new IP addresses, however the ISP's etc still have the old addresses in their DNS tables.

    So spoke Microsoft so it MUST be true ;-)

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