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    Default Internet connection sharing/external modem

    My host machine has a Dynalink external modem and the other has an internal modem they are networked with a simple peer to peer setup and no matter what I try I cannot get internet connection sharing to work. I have read and tried every possible scenario I can find. Some one suggested I would need an internal modem in the host as it works as a network card for the internet connection sharing.

    XP on the host and ME on the client.

    Any help would be much appreciated.


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    I suggest using a different proxy than the one that comes with Windows. I could never get it to work.

    I use WinProxy and setup was easy to do. It's only a 30day trial though. There are free proxies out there.

    It doesn't matter if your modem is internal or external.

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    Default Re: Internet connection sharing/external modem

    Wash your mouth out with soap you dirty little man. Suggesting a third party app over my wonderfull ICS in WinXP. Hrump!!!!!!.
    Ensure that you client machine is using DHCP and check the tab for sharing under modem properties in XP (host ?) this should give the network card on the XP box an IP of (no restart reqiured. then ping that address from your ME client. If you get a responce then it should work fine.

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