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    Default computer chair

    any recommendations for a computer chair?
    my old one has had its day and will retire to the garage.
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    Default Re: computer chair

    Warehouse stationery has a good range of reasonable quality chairs, I find it best to go look and try sitting on them.
    For me personally I shop by weight rating and warranty before looking at price, but i'm heavy and very hard on chairs.

    My current chair is one of those boy racer looking things because it was on special and seemed ok, not sure it's going to last though.
    I am 6'6", 140kg, and have a habit of sitting cross legged and sideways on chairs.

    They never last me more than a couple of years, but I can tell you spending 500 or more on really expensive chairs hasn't got me a much better lifespan out of them than going for the $150-$250 chairs from warehouse stationery.

    For me the common failure points have been the welds that hold the base to the chair and the supports that hold the back to the base - or the mechanism for fancy tilting style chairs but they all seem to be of common designs so not much to chose from there.
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    Default Re: computer chair

    I'd say go into warehouse stationary & find one you are comfortable sitting on .
    I prefer the smaller chairs, armrests can just get in the way. Get something fully adjustable, adjustable lumbar support is a bonus.
    Some people like the huge executive type chairs , I find those awefull for PC work, but great for sitting behind the disk relaxing.

    or dirt cheap on trademe , as low as $10. The trick is finding one that isnt trashed .

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    Default Re: computer chair

    I used to use one of the spin round types...but then it wouldn't fit, gave it to son and I now have a padded seat, metal arms and stand, the arms curve round.

    I took that because of size, but I have to say I'll never go back to the other sort now. This is far more comfy.

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    Default Re: computer chair

    Never had much luck with cheap chairs which usually last a couple of years before they bugger up

    Acquired a Avant Office chair from someone that was 2 years old and is now must be 8 years and still holding together

    Saved my buggered one (seat cover split) and managed to find a similar one on TM that had a buggered gas strut for $10 so have a good spare one after replacing the base unit

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    Default Re: computer chair

    I use a bar stool, with the laptop on a leaner, but I also make sure I get up and move about a fair bit

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