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we'll sort out a nice NZ assembled Vauxhall Viva for ya. A MK3 , cant give away our classic MK1's .
Natural resources , plenty of poop in the rivers and beaches(after a hard rain) . You will get access to the proper way to play with oval footballs .
It's gotta have good tires (ty-rees to youse guys) and new wipers (rain flippers - NZ-speak) too.

It won't have to be much of a car - not so good that it can go great distances, that is.

I know that you can back out of your driveway (NZ=carparkenthingy - heheheheh! that's just too-too funny!) and if you go too far, your rear bumper gets wet.

We don't allow our teams to play with underinflated balls like that.

A full 38 of The King's Pounds of Air for them! Hoo-rah!