Thanks but I think Aliexpress is a bust also. It needs to be an itx board and support an i5 3470. Most are H61 boards which may need a BIOS update and that's a whole other headache and some are generic Chinese clones I don't think I'd trust.
Plenty of ATX options if I wanted to put it in my other spare case of course but the itx ones are more expensive and there's a lot less choices.

This was built to be a NAS replacement in a Silverstone DS380 Silverstone
It's a great case once built, but horrible to work in or build a PC in so if I rebuild it I want something I won't have to touch again for years hopefully. Having used it I think there are several design flaws but it's still one of the better NAS style cases.

Originally my NAS was playing up and the cost of a new one prompted me to start work on a home built solution, but then I sorted the NAS out and have only been using this machine to back it up.
Kinda amusing that the NAS outlasted it's replacement. Anyway I put the back drives in my media PC and set it up to do the backups so that particular function is covered - and by a much newer machine.