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    Default Keyboard turns ON PC

    Reinstalling (upgrade from Win7 Home) Windows 10 1803. Installation was a breeze. everything works OK.
    I updated the BIOS version, too.

    By accident, I hit the SPACE bar / ENTER or any other keys of the keyboard and the PC turns itself ON from 'Shut Down', not 'sleep'.

    Went in to BIOS, couldn't find anything to disable this.

    Any clue?

    MB: Asus P8B75-MLX

    CPU: i5 3470

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    Default Re: Keyboard turns ON PC

    Have a look in the BIOS for some power Setting to enable USB wake support.

    Also go to device manager: keyboard, Right click/Properties- power management, allow this device to wake computer. -- Untick it.

    This is the default Shown.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Default Re: Keyboard turns ON PC

    Checked the BIOS again, there's settings in the Advance menu /APM /Power On By PS/2 Keyboard -- it's Disabled by default.

    Your suggestion to untick the option from Device Manager doesn't work.

    Discovered something interesting: If I turned the Power switch at the wall outlet to OFF for a few mins or more, then turn the switch back ON, the KB will not wake up the PC.

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    Default Re: Keyboard turns ON PC

    Fast startup enabled?
    You could try disabling it.

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    Default Re: Keyboard turns ON PC

    Computers do a soft shutdown, they are never fully off, this is so you can perform wake on events. Switching it off at the wall would do a hard shutdown.

    Anyways I believe your motherboard has jumpers that keep a plus 5v on keyboard and or USB, so you'll need to check the motherboard and shunt them to off position.

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    Default Re: Keyboard turns ON PC

    My P8H61 started doing that when 10 was installed. But it doesn't do it all the time, very random.

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