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    Default Conflict I/O ports : 2F8

    Hi, Could someone please help me with this problem, when ever I boot my pc up it says right at the start 'conflict i/o ports : 2F8' I can no longer use my modem because of this. I think someone changed something at the startup.

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    Default Re: Conflict I/O ports : 2F8

    2F8 is traditionally allocated to Com2 or Com4. Do you have 2 devices using Com2/Com4 at present, say a serial mouse and your modem?

    If so, set one or the other to the correct Com port. If you have an internal modem, the Com port it uses is fixed and you won't be able to change that without changing some jumpers on the modem card itself. Best you change the other device.

    If not, the answer is probably in your BIOS settings.

    Enter the BIOS setup (the info on how to do that with your particular BIOS will be visible in the first couple of black screens when you boot up) and locate the com port settings. Check that no two ports are using 2F8. If they are, then change one to one of the other values NOT IN USE BY ANY OTHER PORT.

    Exit the setup and when prompted, say yes to saving the changes. When the PC reboots, see if the messages are gone. If not, re-enter BIOS setup and recheck the addresses to ensure there are still no two com ports using the same address.

    If that works, when Windows restarts, use Modems in Control Panel to ensure the modem is set to the right port (whichever it is physically connected to if it's an external modem, or whichever it is set to if it's internal). If it is, then it should work.

    Good luck :-)

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    Default Re: Conflict I/O ports : 2F8

    There is one more thing to add there. If you have a mouse on com1 and nothing connected to com2 disable com2 in the Bios.

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    Default Re: Conflict I/O ports : 2F8

    Good thinking Mike, :-)

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