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Thread: Skype Help

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pato View Post
    Ignore my comments re switching on the test video each time I use Skype. I see that it is not necessary.
    Confirming what dugimodo posted. The most common cause is a different name. Have a read of these suggestions.

    Number 2 esp where theres a link called Skype Name.

    Seen that happen and the person goes (similar wording) --Oh yeah, forgot about that one

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    Don't know if this is of any help but I found it whilst searching for something else. Seems you are not alone.

    Same problem. Old Skype on old devices working properly, new computer, windows 10, new Skype, generating new empty address book with the same e-mail for the same account (Skype diagnostics says I only have 1 account associated with the e-mail). When logging in from my phone with the e-mail, i have full contacts. When logging in from new windows 10 pc - nothing is present. So,
    I fixed it for myself:

    1. Since my phone could still log in with the old Skype, where I had all my contacts, I just opened my profile and added in my phone number (you can use phone number as login credential, remember?).
    2. This phone number got associated with the correct account.
    3. I then logged in with phone number to other devices and it worked, getting all my history and contacts back.

    Hope this works for everyone else, as well. I've gone through dozens of forums and sites that refer to this issue, and all I could find was people struggling with no success, and of-course the useless Microsoft support responses with the same repetitive diagnostic questions, with the same advice and not a single thread was found helpful, not just to me, but it seems like - to everyone, basically. It has come to my attention that Microsoft pays little respect to its customers (unless the problem concerns a lot of money), as this problem has been around for awhile now and there seems to be no fix to it. Imagine how frustrating it can be, when you lose hundreds of contacts and are unable to work around like I did (e.g. you lost the device, where you had saved your original Skype account). If MS keeps doing flawed updates and "upgrades" I'm gonna be forced to overlook my trusty relationship with their OS and software, for good : )))) check yourselves MS
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    Thanks wainui and others for your help which was much appreciated. Skype is back in action.

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