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    I have several pictures stored on my machine which the Photos program in W10 says it can't open. They are JPEGS, and the only problem I can see is that they may be too big, each being several MB in size. Is there a means within W10 to reduce the file size if these pictures?

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    You could try the good old Irfanview photo viewer, it my let you look at them and if so it also will let you resize them and has more advanced batch conversion options as well.
    Or you could try opening in Paint and saving to a lower resolution. Whichever way you go test out the results and save with a different name first in case it loses too much quality - don't permanently alter your only copy is what I'm getting at.
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    Bugger the cancer. I'm suffering from terminal inertia.

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    Well, Richard, photos being a few mgs in size has never caused me a problem, but then I usually use Photoshop, etc. Have had images over 30 Mgs in size and no problem. Dugimodo's suggestion of using Irfanview is a good one. If you ever need to view RAW images (other than JPEG) then be aware that Irfanview offers the basic program and also a separate download of plugins (for free!).
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