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    On a need to know basis....

    Default Speedster Taranaki

    Anybody on here got any experience with the above? My sister (elderly) had some one from Speedster Taranaki, wanting to sell her a fibre connection. I told her to be very cautious about anyone doin the rounds with so called offer.
    I don’t ever ask anyone to stay with Spark, which is who she is with and has a long standing relationship with, as far as internet goes.......however, on this occasion I said to her to be “better the devil you know”......

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    Default Re: Speedster Taranaki

    Have a look on Geekzone...they usually have info on all the smaller ones.

    Smaller can be better, better customer service often.
    I'm a devil you know type too, but I'm moving to Voyager at end of June.

    The other big ones, never.

    Smaller , well they are scarce now, the bigger ones having bought up most of them.

    Voyager, other than what I know about them, will save me $30 a month too.

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    Default Re: Speedster Taranaki

    Primo Wireless are doing some Fibre in Taranaki. Not sure which areas though. Heard they are great to deal with, and she'd be supporting a local company. Might be worth checking into.

    At the very least they could confirm if the company are any good, or make a recommendation.
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    Default Re: Speedster Taranaki

    Never heard of them .....

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    Default Re: Speedster Taranaki

    Quote Originally Posted by sarel View Post
    Never heard of them .....

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