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    Default Tv Streaming options for NZ

    Greetings from OZ

    I am looking for a way for my ill mother who lives in NZ to watch Netflix, A smart Tv would be easy but cannot find one under 27 inch, anyone know of one?

    Here I have Telstra TV (its an american Roku Rebranded) here which would be ok anything like it in nz?

    Would apple tv be suitable? never seen one in action

    What about WD tv?

    I know i could use a chromecast but it would take me a fair bit of Training but would do it if i couldn't find anything better. prefer a one stop type setup

    Anyone know of a good android tv box?


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    Default Re: Tv Streaming options for NZ

    Easiest as you say is a smart tv. Next might be an Apple TV, but they are a little pricy. But with Netflix, tvnz and three apps you ccan stream live tv if you want.

    Roku arenít officially sold here, so donít have any local services services.
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    Default Re: Tv Streaming options for NZ

    A lot of blue ray players have netflix capabilities, that's one option if a little bulky.
    I don't know anyone who has tried any of the android devices to comment, but there are plenty around cheaply that should work in theory.

    There's things like the intel compute stick, but windows 10 could take a lot of training itself.

    For a not so computer literate friend of mine I put Linux on an old core 2 duo machine, loaded chrome onto it, and bookmarked netflix. Works pretty well and cost me almost nothing.
    The touble with a pc though is you become the IT support person.
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    Default Re: Tv Streaming options for NZ

    I would go with a smart tv but there is nothing for tvs around the 24 inch size.

    i would do an android box if it was for me, bit to techie for mum so i think that a blu ray netflix player may be the best option.

    Thanks for the replies

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