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    Default Windows 10 Licensing

    I got a new PC built and plan on putting on Windows 10 Home.

    I am going to buy Windows 10 off MS website. Download file and run the install off USB

    What I am wondering is if the retail copy I purchase is transferable to another PC in future ?
    i.e I build new PC and transfer license to new one and old one will have Windows 10 removed?

    I am thinking I can but I wanted to check here. Also is there limit to how many times I can transfer license?
    And how do you delicense a existing PC before installing on a new one?

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    Default Re: Windows 10 Licensing

    It's cheaper in NZ to buy windows from a retail store for some reason, even with delivery fees. Here for example vs

    If you buy a retail version the only limitation is it can only be installed on one pc at a time, you can transfer as much as you like. The OEM version which is $15-20 cheaper is not supposed to be transferred and should stay with the hardware.
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