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    Default IDE Power cable needed

    Hi all,
    Just wondering, I have one of these IDE/SATA to USB adapters,

    After a couple of House moves I can't find my 4 pin IDE power cable, it may have been thrown out, who knows lol

    just wondering if there may be someone that might have one of these, or know where I can get one in NZ??

    I have a few HDD's I'd love to clear and clean off, and check what may be on them.

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    Default Re: IDE Power cable needed

    You should be able to find an computer or electronics store that stock those... though to be fair they are likely going to be hard to find... if good ol' Disk Smith was around you'd be able to get them there for sure. You could also try Jaycar electronics. I haven't seen a 3.5" power connector on a power supply in a while... granted I haven't needed to buy a PSU in while. You could try looking for older PSU's on Trademe to see if any of them come with that cable but that could be hard seen as those adapters were usually an "add-on" accessory to the PSU and if the person didn't need it it would probably get binned... though I suppose it would be worth a look.

    I use one of these STARTECH USB2SATAIDE USB 2.0 to SATA IDE Adapter

    Comes with all the connections you need and you don't have to open your case or thread any power cables through the case to get power as it runs on it's on power adapter, essentially makes the disk USB. It's obviously a bit more pricier than the cable you're looking for but given it can do SATA drives as well, it's not a bad investment I guess if you have a load of disks to go through.


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    Default Re: IDE Power cable needed

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    Default Re: IDE Power cable needed

    PB Tech Auckland plus other towns. PJ
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    Default Re: IDE Power cable needed

    well I went to PB Tech today in Hamilton to see what they had, and as I was walking past the PSU I saw what looked like one coming off the PSU, so I tried it, and realised it fit,
    They didn't had an actual cable, or even an old PSU around, well at least that's what the guy said,
    but anyway, i remembered I had an old computer that i could check out if it had one, and it did, so I just cut it off the cables

    but got it working

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