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    The Weber - I seen that clam shell shape before - honesty it instantly reminded me of toilet pans I use to see in Auckland's Green Lane hospital years ago. I still sweat over the old generic 3 burner wooden BBQ. I like the compact rectangular shaped Yakatori's with intense gas fired heat. Used extensively by Asian folk at our local "night" food Asian markets.

    Funny - been doing BBQ's for years for most types of folk - corporate, labour workers, "bush" and suburbia family gatherings, etc. - notice that more folk don't like BBQ's (meats) as much. The mature (er old), young kids, slim or health conscious people, Spend hours cooking, with tons left over. More people becoming more picky I think. Usually middle age beefy beer slurping outdoor Kiwi blokes, including many islander men, seem to like chomping BBQ chewy meat/chicken - even burnt. But these new stylish BBQ might attempt to change that by targeting/up marketing different types of people. The cuisine lot?

    Why don't manufacturers supply outdoor steamers, e.g. water piped/channel type, for easy - and arguably heather cooking choice.
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    Emailed to me yesterday ...

    BBQ & Beer Cooler – all in one!
    Aussie Engineering at its Best

    Click image for larger version. 

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    When you are finished Barbecuing, and the ice has melted, just pull the handle & the fire goes out.

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