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    Question W 10 v1709 backup

    Hi all,

    My E Drive has turned red after yesterday's monthly back up- that brings to mind that long long ago we were not to worry about a so called, "full drive", as any further backings would drop the eldest back up, off and the most recent would still be recorded. If this is so what is dropped off?

    My E drive has now turned red with 21 gb left free for the future-----which brings up the ISO memory stick I took on the first installation .

    Is that memory stick now obsolete as version 1703 has now been superceeded by v1709. and correspondence here last week says a "systems restore " capability can no longer be accessed

    W 10 Pro, 2 gb ram, 265 SSD C on drive : E Drive old style h/d of 300 gb

    effie c
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    Default Re: W 10 v1709 backup

    depending on what program you are using for backup....

    Win backup should just del old backups to free up room. As long as its still backing up without error, it should be OK
    note : should

    how much space is actually used on the C: ?
    Im assuming E: is a USB hard drive ? If its that old, it may be getting past the point of being a truly reliable backup drive

    That iso on your stick should still be OK , it will just restore/install(clean install) back to 1703 . Depending its its a install ISO or a backage image ISO

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    Default Re: W 10 v1709 backup

    Hi 1101,

    Thank you very enlightening

    effie c

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