Took GD with her friend and friends parent on Saturday.

Have to say it was well done. The lighting effects were great, they had a lighting of blood, creatures etc projected onto on of the building walls, cycling, it looked amazing.

The staff acted really well.

GDs favourite, the ghost lady gliding speedily up and down. I thought she had skates on at first - no she was on a hoverboard under the long dress. Really effective.

The friends parent wandered close to the ghost bride dancing, and was dragged into an interactive "wedding" marrying one of them.
The kids thought that was the funniest thing.....

The bad part was the queues at each indoor performance. I waited ages in line with GD so she could try the VR, only to be told, 5 people from the front, that someone had "got scared and thrown it" and broke one.
That then doubled the wait time as they only had 2.

Geez, wonder if they charged the person the cost?
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