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    Default Trend Micro and MalwareBytes

    using Trend Micro, seems okay, but this morning doing an unasked for scan it wanted MalwareBytes removed. I've used MB for years and apparently it is very popular and affective. Can I reinstall MB without TM interferring?

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    Default Re: Trend Micro and MalwareBytes

    Malwarebytes will be running in the background , I guess

    You dont want 2x malware/av programs actively running at the same time
    What happens is, when an infection is detected , they will fight/block each other & wont be able to clean

    Go into Malwarebytes options & set it so its not allways on/running

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    Default Re: Trend Micro and MalwareBytes

    thanks 1101 reinstalled MB, okay now - Trend Micro changed to only scan when wanted

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