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    Default Outlook stopped pulling emails from gmail server


    I am facing a mini crises while travelling overseas...

    I have had Outlook 2013 configured with the old Google Apps for business free edition for many years via IMAP. All of a sudden it has stopped pulling down new emails from the server. If I test the account setting it is successfully connecting to the server and is successfully sending a test message (which I receive on my phone which is not having problems and can see when I login to gmail directly).

    Outlook is endlessly trying to synchronise the subscribed folders but nothing is happening.

    I don't want to delete the IMAP account and start again if I can help it as I have years worth of emails to redownload and index etc which will take too long on these internet connections and I need access to these emails while travelling.

    Any suggestions?


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    Default Re: Outlook stopped pulling emails from gmail server

    Sorry, ignore this please. Figured out my problem. Had an email with too much MB attachments jamming up the system.

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    Default Re: Outlook stopped pulling emails from gmail server

    You can always use the Gmail web page, even if you prefer outlook it gives you a reliable alternative if you have any more problems.
    Myself I only use webmail these days, I don't find clients offer anything extra that I personally have a use for. Plus there's no need to set anything up, you just need to remember your login details.
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