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I will have to say Wainuiomata is a special case. Lived here for the last 4 years and its a totally different breed of driver over here.
Mostly people are fine, theres always some idiots. There was someone just come past my place if they were doing 50 then I'm a millionaire -

The point I'm getting at is having speed cameras in a lot of areas are nothing but an easy money collection to ping people doing a couple of K's faster than they should be.

The cops wont actually concentrate on the real problems - Bad driving and blatant law breakers, one classic is people talking on the phone. Tonight down Queen street there was a cop parked up talking to some younger people, some lady who was talking on her phone got into her car, still talking, put on the seat belt, reversed out and drove away, still talking, the cop saw her and did nothing.

The entrance to the Strand by the churches ( you'll know the place Plod), the amount of near misses there is astounding, speed has nothing to do with anything there. But you never see the cops policing the area.