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    Default Re: Computer is soooo slow!

    Quote Originally Posted by apsattv View Post
    Hard drive don't last for ever is the point and a new ssd drive is like magic on an older laptop
    Exactly Hard Drives can and do fail / Playup at any time, doesn't matter if they are brand new or 10 years old.

    Got 3 laptops here at the moment, ranging from 2-3 years old, all with Failed ( bad sectors) on the drives. Slow as a wet week, freezing. Simply imaged 2 of them to a new drive (even a std drive) and the speed increase is obvious.
    One thing positive about Windows 10 is that there is never a dull moment anymore on ye olde computer

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    Default Re: Computer is soooo slow!

    Quote Originally Posted by mzee View Post
    To say that something is no good because it is old is nonsense! I am 83, so I should be on the scrap heap?
    how would you go in a 1/2 mile running race against a fit 20year old.
    Age does matter . Im not in the same state I was 35 years ago.

    Things wear out. People, cars PC components . Yes electrical (and mechanical) parts do age wear and fail.
    Over time => less reliable in general. Thats just the way things are . Except maybee wine. And cheese .

    When a PC/car whatever isnt performing, replace the worn old parts .

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