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    Quote Originally Posted by Paul.Cov View Post
    Ohh dear, that's the situation I'm in with my mother. She's 93 and is well down the path you've described.
    You have my sympathies, it's pretty awful.....and yeah, must be horrible for them too, as they understand...or don't understand what is happening.
    wipe your paws.

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    Default Re: Retirement Villages

    Try for a Rest Home first. Superb care where I am in Wanganui. Your pension is taken back & paid to the rest home. You get $87 a fortnight for personal expenses. Doesnt leave much for larger purchases. You also get $275 per year clothing allowance.
    Of courrse you have to be evaluated, assessed for mental or physical needs.

    To off set that if you are in for physical reasons, Incomplete Paraplegia in my case, but with a relatively cllear mind it can be extremely lonely with nobody to talk seriously with. 15 months sincce Wife Maryann died but it seems like yesterday. You should discuss with your partner, what options you heva when the first one of you dies. It doed make it easier when it happens because you are partly prepared. But the loneliness without swmbo is a killer. (self pity rant over, sorry) PJ
    When I was younger I heard but didn't listen.
    Now I am older, I listen but cannot hear.

    If it is not broke, don't make it broker by trying to make it better. (This applies specifically to PJ)

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