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    Default ZONE ALARM

    Hi everyone.....

    I have installed Zone Alarm, but have one question about it. I have had a couple of alerts from unknown sites. All it gives is a web site number. Is there any way of finding out who it is, without having to upgrade to Zone Alarm Pro. Or should I just deny access

    Apart from that, seems to be functioning pretty well - thanks to everyone for posting the recommendation

    Regards, ALAN ;-)

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    Default Re: ZONE ALARM

    The problem with zone alarm is that they really want you to use the free version long enouth to realise that the pro version has all the features that you actually want.

    I've been through all the firewalls and have stuck with 'tiny personal firewall 2'

    There is no 'pro version' so it already has all the features. goto to test your firewall and learn about firewalls.

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    Default Re: ZONE ALARM

    Hi. Your choice of firewall is very good, but it may take a bit of a learning curve before you're comfortable with it's use. It tends to be a bit 'happy' with it's reporting at times.

    The 'number' you're referring to is the ip address of the person or site that is communicating with your computer.

    To see if it's a website, type into your browser's location bar, where the x's are the ip address you intercepted.

    It's normally only a worry if the ip address comes from a private computer and is attempting to access a port or service known to be vulnerable. Most of the traffic that passes thru your firewall is entirely innocent.

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    Default Re: ZONE ALARM

    I too use Tiny's Personal Firewall...

    but from my experience with ZoneAlarm (the free one) there is somewhere in the warning part that says something like 'More Info' or something and you can click on that and it'll take you to a website where you can type in the IP address and it'll give you info about it. Sorry I can't give you more detail, but I don't use ZoneAlarm anymore, so don't have it to look at.

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    Default Re: ZONE ALARM

    There are program packages that you can use to trace IP addresses.
    This URL is for VisualZone Report Utility, I cant remember who posted this tip, apologies, but its quite good:

    Another free package is Net lab which contains the usual utilities such as Whois, DNS, Finger, etc,
    The original web site has gone but it can still be downloaded from:

    It is difficult not too get paranoid when'intruders' knock on your door every 20 seconds or so, as can happen at times.

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    Default Re: ZONE ALARM

    DO NOT put the attackers ip addy into your browser. someone here found out the hard way of why not, they connected to a pc that was infected with a new trojen and promptly got infected.

    there are a few log analyser tools around that will read ZAP log and allow you to trace who it is.

    tiny is a good firewall but you will have a steap learning curve. highly recommended for those who wish to learn more and advanced users. otherwise keep with ZA its simpler.

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    Default Re: ZONE ALARM

    You Should Try to Trace The ip using that method recomended above but you should have a firewall like Norton Person Firewall 2002
    availible at

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    Default Re: ZONE ALARM

    Try the 'who is' search here


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    Default Re: ZONE ALARM

    ...imo - you have made a good decision in your choice of the ZoneAlarm (Z/A) personal edition Fire Wall, and i would like to make some additional comments for those users who might be considering its use or have recently done so.

    I would suggest you take the time to read it's documentation ... not only the Utility's 'Help' Files - but also the online help.

    Although not their Home Page, here is a good jumping-on point at

    Keep in mind earlier comments - there is a 'steep learning curve'.

    Play with the Z/A interface and 'learn' what it does and can do.

    That time will be well spent in *avoiding* some of the future pitfalls seemingly inherent when installing / uninstalling / upgrading Z/A.

    Although ALERTS are 'interesting' - most are simple Internet interference and may be ignored.

    Should you tire of work being constantly interupted when acknowledging ALERTS, they can be disabled: right-click Z/A Icon in System Tray > click 'Restore Z/A Control Centre' > click 'Alerts' tab > uncheck (disable) the box named 'Show the Alert popup window' - there is no 'apply' required, simply close Window.

    ALERTS will *still* be logged and (depending on your System) may be viewed at:


    Depending on the security settings you choose, this Log can grow quite fast and makes an interesting reference.

    If curious of any repeat 'IP numbers' - simply 'copy & paste' the number into an easy WHOIS at [-] and press 'Enter'. Other recommendations given above are good too.

    ... ZoneAlarm's greatest asset (?) will warn of any 'Intruder' trying to use your system by calling out.

    Ensure to check (enable) the 'Mail Safe' quarantine for 'Script Attachments' - the setting is on the Security tab.

    TIP: Although advise to simply Upgrade over an existing install, i would recommend a complete and tidy *uninstall* [ remember to turn OFF 'True Vector' first ] and then use a fresh *install* of the new Version. Z/A's 'Uninstall' Instrutions from following site, just choose your Operating System:

    Safe Computing!!!


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    Default Re: ZONE ALARM

    Hi all, am using zone alarm pro 2.6 which is available for download here
    About a 2-3meg download, you will need a reg code of corse, not hard to find.
    Some one tried to hack me the other night probed my port 23 times in one minute, done a who is and sent the log off to the isp in France.
    And they responded to me about an hour later.
    Haven?t herd any more from them but the pro version is definitely better.
    Cheers .

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