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    Default Email not staying on server

    I have just purchased a Samsung A5 phone and been working through setting it up. So far so good, but I find when I pick up email it gets deleted from the server and I can't pick it up on the desktop computer or the laptop later. The email set up on the desktop computer is so that emails are not deleted from the server for 30 days and that has been all working fine with the other computers and my Samsung S3 mini I have had for years. I use Outlook 2013 on the desktop and Outlook 2016 on a laptop.

    What needs configuring, I assume on the new cellphone, to stop emails picked up on that device from being deleted from the server?

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    Default Re: Email not staying on server

    Usually phones don't delete the email unless you click delete, they should stay on the server if your only reading them on the phone the same as it does when using webmail. I guess their could be a setting for that although I have never seen one

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    Default Re: Email not staying on server

    Setup the account as IMAP, rather than POP. So you synchronize with online, rather than pull mail from online.

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