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    Default Re: That housing documentary

    Tee hee commie Nazi party.

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    Default Re: That housing documentary

    Quote Originally Posted by prefect View Post
    I have been delivering stuff to Hobsonville Point and its practically an all Chinese development. .
    Sigh...alternative facts?
    wipe your paws.

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    Default Re: That housing documentary

    [QUOTE=pctek;1265010]Sigh...alternative facts?[/QUOTE
    Its for the Chinese.
    Its amazing how Potatoes give us chips,fries and Vodka.

    Get your s*** together every other vegetable.

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    Default Re: That housing documentary

    It seems Chinese are to build a massive housing complex in Central Manukau, Possibly similar to the faceless village - further South in Takanini where my daughter is renting;

    -Her unit is a portion of a "three-piece" townhouse. Hers is the former attic, enveloping, on top of a former garage, adjacent to the,former lounge also below. There are hundreds of these similar mashups - i.e. 3 dwellings compacted as one townhouse style, side by side, on a seemingly endless property - which also serves as a meandering complex track or roadway...between multiple rows of townhouses. One advantage though - a new and large though trendy shopping complex was built nearby.

    Real estate companies, must be profiteering handsomely - I notice many Ray White offices are sprouting up, or being expanded, in new suburbs. Perhaps they could help somehow - by partnering with Govt Housing NZ, and offering incentives, or build subsidized housing complexes...
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    Default Re: That housing documentary

    As a nation, we don't get rich selling houses to each other - building them, yes. But not shuffling them from one owner to another.

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