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    Default cordless or corded chainsaw?

    I need to buy a chainsaw for my home yard tasks, which chainsaw would be most suitable for me? Suggestions are welcome!

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    Default Re: cordless or corded chainsaw?

    Cordless = petrol or battery?
    How big are the trees, and how long is it needing to run? Anything more than an hour or so and I would have guessed petrol the way to go.
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    Default Re: cordless or corded chainsaw?

    Personally I would not buy anything other than a petrol chainsaw.
    But I guess, your preferences and what you would use it for....if you just need to cut some close to the house small things, do you even need to buy one?
    Hire one.
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    Default Re: cordless or corded chainsaw?

    Cordless cost about 4-6 times an equivalent (or really better) 2 stroke, unless you already have the battery and charger from other tools. I really wanted to add one to my collection of cordless tools but couldn't justify the price.
    Corded are actually much better than I expected, I only needed to get rid of one small tree and do some occasional pruning so I bought a $100 Ozito from Bunnings and was expecting it to be terrible. It's not, I actually find it surprisingly capable although I wouldn't use it for anything more than about 6-8 inches thick on a regular basis.

    If you don't want petrol and only do some light pruning, get a corded one. I kinda wish I'd bought something a little better like say a Makita but the Ozito does the job and is the cheapest option. If you can afford a cordless and want to go that way, I read the 18V ones are much slower cutting but still reasonable and the 36V ones are pretty close to using a small petrol chainsaw. You will pay a premium for the cordles soption though.

    If you cut firewood or use it a lot, get a petrol one.

    Edit, on another note - I use a cordless reciprocating saw for light pruning. Good for those branches you can't cut with pruning shears but don't need a chainsaw for and about halfway in between in terms of effort.
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    Default Re: cordless or corded chainsaw?

    Maybe for a really small town section electric might be OK - I personally wouldn't. Stihl's entry level saws are cheap, and good enough quality for light use, (like firewood and clearing, not felling 30 year old pines) and if you use their HP Ultra oil and get the saw serviced yearly, you get a 4 year warranty. Hard to beat IMO.
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    Default Re: cordless or corded chainsaw?

    Its the sort of thing that gets stored in the garage & used a few times a year....
    so get a good brand petrol job & it will keep going for 10,15,20 years .

    A can of petrol every year is cheaper than replacing batts . Lithium batts do have limited shelf life .
    2 stroke engines are pretty stinky though .

    And a spare chain or 2 is handy , just so things dont stop for a day when it needs resharpening

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    Default Re: cordless or corded chainsaw?

    Quote Originally Posted by 1101 View Post
    And a spare chain or 2 is handy , just so things dont stop for a day when it needs resharpening
    And keep your spare chain SHARP! Nothing stuffs a chainsaw more than a blunt chain.

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    Default Re: cordless or corded chainsaw?

    I use a corded chainsaw around home for firewood cutting etc. It's good. Electric is the way to go these days.

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    Default Re: cordless or corded chainsaw?

    Unless you live on a large rural block like we do then corded is the way to go for small stuff, for me leads would need to be 400m long

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    Default Re: cordless or corded chainsaw?

    I got a corded Makita recently, and am very happy with it.
    I had reservations about reliable starting of a seldom used petrol option, and batteries are a liability that will end up costing you for replacements once they're stuffed.

    On the other hand, my corded leaf blower is a pain. It works fine, but you cover a lot more area with a leaf blower, so the cord becomes a nuisance, whereas with a chainsaw you tend to be at one spot for a fair while, so the cord is no bother.

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