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    Default Desk Top Computer and a laptop now in endless loop of rebooting

    I shut off both my desktop computer and laptop and when I got back neither computer would let me log into Windows 10. Both computers would start up as usual then when I entered my password it wouldn't take it. Then the computer would restart on it's own after about 30 seconds. Then, it would go to the login screen after a minute it would restart.

    It is identical with both computers. Also, the computers say I have no internet access - but I do. Roku works and an old laptop I don't use much is working using WiFi.

    I am using it to do this post.

    The only thing I had been using my computers for was to play Fallout 4.

    I am confused



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    Default Re: Desk Top Computer and a laptop now in endless loop of rebooting

    I have seen that this seems to happen quite often but none of them show how to solve the problem. I can boot from a USB stick but the steps that I need to do next are not clear.

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