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    Default Advice on using VPN accounts.

    I assume other members have questioned the use of VPN. I am wondering what experiences you might have had and what VPN provider(s) and what recommendations you might have.

    I have been looking at NORDVPN. They have a special subscription of $72 for two years at present.

    If I selected NZ as the server of choice, is that going to give me similar access/protection as if I had selected say the UK?

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    Default Re: Advice on using VPN accounts.

    The "Protection/Security" will likely be the same. I've not used NORDVPN but there are likely options you can set in terms of security such as level and type of encryption and protocol in use.

    It should be noted that you're likely to see a drop in speed when connecting to an overseas location as all your traffic will be routed through the remote server before coming back to you in NZ.

    So unless there's a specific reason you want to connect to the UK server you're probably better off just connecting to the NZ server.... there will also be a slight drop in speed here too depending on the vendor but it's not likey to be as much as it would be when connecting to an overseas server.

    Also make sure NORDVPN do not store log files pertaining to users activities on their servers.. kind of defeats the purpose of VPN if your traffic or record of it is being logged. I'm not encouraging illegal activity here just saying the point behind a VPN is security via encryption which then provides anonymity.

    I personally use Private Internet Access... it's a pretty decent product very customisable and they have a good selection of world-wide servers including NZ and AU. The speeds are good too. I've been out of NZ for the past year or so and I use it when I'm using public wi-fi networks etc. which is especially true for the U.S. I've never seen so many unsecured public wi-fi networks around every corner.

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    Default Re: Advice on using VPN accounts.

    A currant NordVPN Review Not very good

    Use to have Cyberghost (paid) for a couple of years which was acceptable and Astrill before that (slow) ,have nothing at the moment but if was traveling most certainly

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