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    Thumbs up Here's how to back up dual booted Chromebook/Windows

    Problem is that Backup programs for Windows do not see Linux, and most Linux Backup programs do not do Windows. You can make a RAW copy off the partitions, but this takes for ever, and is very bulky.

    'Clonezilla' is a program that does both Windows and Linux, or a mixture of both. It also makes images so the files are a reasonable size, and is quick.

    At first glance 'Clonezilla' looks very complicated, and it can be, but if you are a beginner just stick to the default settings. Some preparation should be done before using it.

    1] Download 'Clonezilla' and install it as an ISO on a USB flash drive, or a CD.
    2] Boot the Windows and scan the C:drive for errors.
    3] Use CCleaner to remove rubbish files, and obsolete Registry entries.
    4] In W10 disable fast boot
    5] Close Windows.
    6] Insert the Clonezilla USB stick, or CD. Adjust the BIOS to boot from USB or CD before the hard drive, if necessary.
    Some computers have a shortcut key to select the boot device (ie: Dell=F12, HP=Esc)
    7] Connect to an external drive for your backup file.
    8] Boot Clonezilla and follow instructions. NOTE: Clonezilla will make its own folder to save to.

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    Default Re: Here's how to back up dual booted Chromebook/Windows

    Yeah works well.

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