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    Question Removing Tiles in Start-Menu (Win10 Creators Update)

    Ever since I've updated to the creators update, I've been trying to get rid of the tiles on the start-menu. I had previously got rid of them prior to the update by right clicking and individually removing them, but this doesn't seem to work anymore.

    Anyone know a work around? All I've been able to find is ways to remove the start-menu list and have just the tiles, the complete opposite of what I want to do!.
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    Default Re: Removing Tiles in Start-Menu (Win10 Creators Update)

    Nothing has changed.

    The tiles to the right of the vertical start menu, all you do is right click -unpin from start.

    To remove any tiles from the actual start menu - right click - uninstall.

    They are two different tasks, the unpin - look as if they are shortcuts, the uninstall is just that - uninstall the related program. Some cant be removed as they are part of windows and are required.

    What tiles (named) are you having problems with ?

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