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    Default Re: Old Age and Linux

    Another way to try linux is in a virtual machine, works really well in Virtualbox and there's no need for a flash drive.
    I find it kind of trippy on my dual screen setup to have windows 10 on one and Linux MINT on the other looking like 2 different PCs.

    Anyway it's an option you can easily try on top of windows if you prefer.
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    Default Re: Old Age and Linux

    I use Fatdog64. If your PC is 64bit, this is a very useful OS which can dual boot with Windows. You can download an iso file and burn it to a CD, or USB stick. The CD or USB will boot and load into RAM, and can be used as is. You can install to your hard drive in a separate partition, or to an existing Windows partition. I use Fatdog64 all the time. No worry about virus or malware, and unlike Windows it boots in seconds and is ready for work, no maintenance.

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    Default Re: Old Age and Linux

    Awesome, thanks people, I have a spare HDD already, not huge, took it out a while ago as it was a bit small for the current setup.
    I can use that. Mint sounds like it has the most votes so far....
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    Default Re: Old Age and Linux

    Mint is probably the easiest to learn. I had it on a spare desktop hooked up to the TV and even my technophobe SWMBO could work it

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