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    Default Basic software missing

    Hi all,

    A while back I asked why my calculator (START>PROGRAMS>ACCESSORIES>calculator) might have gone. The simple replies were to look around the C drive.

    I never found it, and have since noticed that Paintbrush is gone too. Now I have no default .bmp viewer.

    I don't recall deleting either of these programs - who knows what else is missing.

    Anyone know where I can download these basic programs?

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    Default Re: Basic software missing

    Try this..

    Get into your control panel, click add/remove, click the Windows Setup Tab, for the calc, click accessories and see if there is a tick in the calc box, if not place one and apply. I think Paintbrush is also under accessories.

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    Default Re: Basic software missing

    They should be on your Windows CD (assuming 9x/Me)...

    Go to Control Panel, Add/Remove Programs, click the Windows Setup tab, double click on Accessories, and put a tick beside Calculator and Paintbrush, and click OK... it should ask you for your CD and will install them for you. Be sure not to remove any other ticks that may be there, cause that will uninstall those programs... it will only install newly ticked programs.

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    Default Re: Basic software missing

    I will give that a go when I am at home in front of the PC. (At work on NT now)

    You have reminded me of another issue. I do not have the Windows CD. It's a Compaq, bought from Harvey Norman.

    Apparently they should have given me the original software - Windows 98, Office 97 etc. All I got was the Compaq Quick Restore disk.

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