I have a lounge suite that's a few years out of warranty but still looks pretty good. One of the recliners has had a weld break on a metal crossbar that the springs connect to. The same thing happened to one end of the couch a couple of years ago (the end sections are also recliners) and it was fixed under warranty by forlongs where I bought it - a month short of the warranty ending.

So anyone have any suggestions of where it could be repaired in Hamilton?, is it worth doing or just chuck it, give it away? I still have the couch and the other recliner and I live alone so honestly it's not the biggest deal to just live without it.

Seems like poor factory welding to me, the box section just has a very thin line of weld on 2 sides. A concern is that once it broke and bent down that it has weakened the other side as well - and it's all under tension from the springs. So I worry that spending money on it is a short term fix and not really worth it, but on the other hand it still looks basically new.